'Mackerel Sky' Out Now!!

My new album 'Mackerel Sky' is out today!. I remember being on holiday on the Isle of Wight and my Grandad commenting on the 'Mackerel Sky' to me and my sister Tessa. This description stayed with me and I thought it fitting for the title track on my new album. He was a Royal Marine during the Second World War and he fought in the Battle of Crete. He was subsequently captured and became a prisoner of war for the next 4 years. Each of the songs on this album tells a story, often involving a journey. Journey's about specific people but also journeys undertaken by many. 

The album was partly recorded at my friend Richard Larkum's studio, the Big Rock Room Studio in No Man's Heath, Cheshire, under the expert engineering skills of Paul Shone. Some of the songs were also recorded in Forest Hill, London at Perryvale Studios by Pat Collier, who I've worked with for many years now. I'm very proud of this album, my 10th!. You can listen to it here on my website and buy it too, just go to the music or store page. You can buy it digitally or physically. It will be on all the usual digital platforms too. I hope you enjoy it,

Cheers Jude

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