'Rambling Rose' Out on 30th June!!

My own walks in the Cheshire countryside and the writings of Robert Macfarlane inspired the title track of the album ‘Rambling Rose’. This theme of returning back to nature is prevalent throughout the songs on this album. But some songs reflect the turbulent times we've experienced in the last few years. ‘Inequality Blues’ was inspired by the Grenfell Tower fire in London, a call to stop governments putting profit first and people last. The song ‘Little Princes’ is reflecting on the incredible journeys refugees make to find a safe haven. Some songs, like ‘Green Man’, reflects on my personal experience of the pandemic.

During lockdown I released two 5 track EPs ‘Inequality Blues’ and ‘Tiger Tree’. I felt because these songs complemented each so well they deserved to be together on one album.

You can listen to ‘Rambling Rose' on my Music page. You can buy a digital download, a limited edition CD or both from my Store page.

The limited Edition CD comes with an 8 Page lyric booklet. The album is beautifully designed by Tom Poslett, who also designed ‘Rolling Drum’ , ‘Fifty Silver Bells And Nine’ and ‘Seagulls And Crows’. 

From the 30th June it will be available to buy from all other digital platforms, Spotify, itunes and Amazon Music. But you will be supporting me more directly by buying  from here.

This album is dedicated to the adventurous spirit in all of us. I hope you enjoy it!.

Have a wonderful day

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