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My second EP 'Tiger Tree' is out today!!! 

Tiger Tree

I'm really excited to let you know my new EP 'Tiger Tree' is now out on all digital platforms. You can listen and buy it from my website here, just go to the 'Store' to check it out.

Here are some reflections on my inspirations behind the new EP,

When I lived in London I would always gravitate to the parks and green spaces to find solace and replenishment. 'Green Park' for my lunch when I worked in Trafalgar Square; 'Brockwell Park' on many excursions with my twins in the double buggy; the hilly 'Greenwich Park' in my early London days and 'Dulwich Park' for it's secret silver birch grove! I grew up in the Cheshire countryside so this was my way of touching base with my roots. My move back to Cheshire after these 15 years felt natural. 'Over The Green' was the first song I wrote returning north. It's about embracing the new present moment with a nod to the past. It centres around the village where I live and particularly the 'Town Field' which sits at the end of a long public footpath. You can still see the 'ridge and furrow' archaeological pattern in the field created by years of prolonged ploughing, dating back to the medieval period. It's written in the folk tradition, with a chorus we can all sing along with. The song 'Tiger Tree' was inspired by walks on  'Bickerton Hills' on the Sandstone Way. The next song on the EP 'Green Man' is inspired by the events of the last year. Initially it grew from my post-Brexit blues and feeling disillusioned with the current government. I imagined a fox running away from the hunt, deep into the countryside, fed up with the bickering scoundrels! Then the pandemic happened and we were all at home more. For me this meant being in a more rural environment. When I returned back to work it felt strange to walk on concrete pavements having spent most my time walking in the countryside. The fourth song 'See You In The Light' is about loss and bridging that loss. My mother-in-law, the poet Eleanor Cooke, passed away in 2016 not long after our move up here. The song is about how love continues beyond death. I was interested in the idea of objects as portals of connection, offering comfort to those left behind. When I wrote the guitar part I definitely had a John Martyn feel in mind. The last track on the EP is 'Morning Blues', an instrumental. It's just one of those songs that came about fairly quickly. You might be able to tell I'd been listening to a lot of Bert Jansch at the time. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for your support.
See you soon, Cheers Jude

Inequality Blues is now OUT!! 

Hi everyone, my new EP 'Inequality Blues' is out. You can buy it from my website and you can also purchase it from all other digital platforms too.Also, I was recently interviewed for a podcast called 'First Impressions' by my friend Peter Humphreys. We had a lovely chat about my new EP and inspirations behind these particular songs. We talked about loads of other stuff too. So if you would like to have a listen here is the link,

'First Impressions'- Episode 10 - Jude Edwin-Scott





New EP 'Inequality Blues' out on 25th June!! 

Hi folks, 'Inequality Blues' will be the first in a series of EPs I'll be releasing over the coming year, hence titled EP1. My move up north to Cheshire from London in 2015, gave me perspective musically and lyrically. Bizarrely I found myself writing more things about London having moved away from London!. 'Inequality Blues' was inspired by political events in London and the uk, the financial crash, Brexit and in particular the tragedy of the grenfell tower fire. In contrast to this my songs 'Over the Banks', 'Rambling Rose' and 'Spinning Gold' have come about being in my new countryside surroundings. 'Rambling Rose' was also inspired by Robert Macfarlane's book 'Underland'. I often dedicate this to the adventurous spirit in all of us. My Dad gave me the name for the last track 'Spinning Gold', an instrumental written in Autumn last year. Track 4, 'Little princes' was written because of a growing awareness in me and probably numerous others to the plight of refugees around the world. I want to encourage us to open our hearts more by empathising with them. After reading Patrick Kingsley's book 'The New Odyssey' you realise the incredible journeys these people have made to bring themselves and their family to a safe place. Most of these 5 songs were recorded before the first lockdown in the UK in March last year. They were recorded at the big rock room studio here in Cheshire by Paul Shone. The songs were mixed and mastered at Perryvale Studios in Forest Hill, London by Pat Collier. It's been a few years since I've seen Pat, so it was great to see him. I've been recording with him for the last 16 years on and off , since my first studio album 'Elephant Feet'. It's a good feeling to share this first set of songs with you.
Cheers Jude


'Rolling Drum' 10 year anniversary- 'Bluebell Hill' 

It's been 10 years since the release of my album 'Rolling Drum' (the love album!) and I wanted to mark it by sharing this live video of my song 'Bluebell Hill'. It was filmed and recorded in a local woodland which is currently flooded by bluebells, so it seemed the right spot to play it. The bird song and sunshine provide an unexpected but wonderful accompaniment too. Thanks for watching, cheers Jude

New Nic Jones cover alert!! 'Seven Gypsies' 

Hi there, here is my latest song on my youtube channel, the traditional song 'Seven Gypsies', a version of 'The Raggle Taggle Gypsies'. The song first appeared as a Scottish border ballad, Roud 1/Child ballad 200. I first heard the song on Nic Jones's album 'Game Set Match', an album I'd whole heartedly recommend. His version is a live one so my version is an approximation!. I love his funky style of playing the guitar, it has a real groove to it. I also love his vocal style too, when he sings it can really move you. He is a big influence on me musically and I just wanted to pay tribute to him with this cover. I hope you enjoy it!

Musical delights! Welcome to my 'new' website! 

Hello everyone,  Thank you for stopping by and checking out my music. It's great to be able to share my songs with you here and I hope you enjoy them too. I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe during this extraordinary time; with the new vaccine being rolled out there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Like many musicians who perform regularly we've all had to adapt and think of new creative ways to share our songs and connect with people from a distance, so over the last year I've been regularly posting new videos up on my youtube channel, Instagram and Facebook. It's been lovely to hear back from people this way and there are definite positives in this age of social media. My stage in recent months has become my kitchen, lounge or quite often when the weather's good, my garden!. It's great that spring is finally here, the buds are starting to burst through the earth, snow drops, daffodils and crocuses. Just this morning I was letting our chickens out and there was a huge sound of bird song coming from the long field hedge, it was literally a singing hedge!, it's great to hear. Feel free to explore my website and my 'store' too. You'll find all my 9 albums. You can listen to the songs, download a track or even an album. Also it would be lovely to hear from you too, so please feel free to leave a message. I'd like to post a new song here to launch my new site, it's called 'The Gardener'. It's a traditional song with my new arrangement. Take care of yourselves and we'll catch up soon, Cheers Jude 








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