June 2020

Thank you for tuning in. Well here we are entering into the Summer months. How are you all doing?. What a crazy time it has been, I hope you are all doing okay and keeping safe.

Before lockdown I was just about to start mixing songs for my new album. But obviously this has had to be put on hold until I can go back to the studio, which is at my friend's house.

The new songs will be released as a series if Eps. I'll keep you posted when the release dates will be. I'm really excited about the new songs, so I can't wait to start sharing them with you!.

During lockdown I've been writing some new things but also doing a few videos and posting them up on Instagram, facebook and youtube. There's a mixture of original material and covering my favourites. So far I've done the following,

Canadee-I-o by Nic Jones
Planxty Davis by Nic Jones
The Wrong Side Of Eden (new song)
Ramblin' Rose (new song)
Roll on Summer (new song/instrumental)
You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor
The Gresford Mining Disaster (trad/Jude)
Just Now by John Martyn
Clothes Of Sand by Nick Drake
Ten Thousand Miles (trad/arr Nic Jones)

They are all on my youtube channel, so please check them out and subscribe to my my channel if you like what you see and hear,


Here are the links to my other social media platforms

Take care of yourselves

February 2020
Hi folks,

The snowdrops and daffodils are starting to make an appearance and so is the music too!
Firstly I've been booked to play a local festival to me, Shockfest, on 10th/11th July. I'm looking forward to this one. Follow this link to book tickets and find out more, it would be great to see you there.


I'm also close to releasing some new songs from the forth coming album!!. I've decided to release the songs as digital downloads. A possible release date for the first three songs will be 8th May.

I've recently set up a new bandcamp page too. My aim is to have all my albums on one page, so it's easier for you to view, listen and buy. You will be able to buy individual tracks and albums digitally from the site. Some will also be available to buy as a physical CD as well.

Check out my new page here,
Jude's Bandcamp Page

I've recorded 9 previous albums and I've decided to release an album a week on Bandcamp starting on Friday the 6th March with my first one 'When The Bubble Burst'.

This was recorded in 1998/99 when I was 23/24 years old. It is the first time it has become available to buy digitally.

Happy early Spring
Jude x

May 2019


Thanks for stopping by. You might be thinking it's gone a bit quiet on the Jude front recently, What's he up to?Apart from work and family life, I've also been writing and recording new songs for a new album!!.

I've been recording at my friends studio 'The Big Rock Room', near to where I'm living. This is an acoustic album and I'm really pleased with how it's going.

The move from London to the countryside has been good creatively. The songs, whilst some are inspired by my current surroundings, others are bizarrely on themes of London, political unrest here and the wider world. It's the can't see the wood for the trees thingymajig. The song 'Inequality Blues' reflects this sentiment. Check out the link in my last message for a live version of the song , filmed and recorded at 93 feet east in London last year. There are other songs inspired by the refugee crisis, encouraging us to walk in there shoes, open our hearts and our borders too. I've been exploring the world of traditional songs as well, which I'm quite excited about, keeping it bit under wraps.

Tune in soon!
Cheers Jude x

September 2018

Hi folks,

Hope you've all had a splendid Summer. Starting to feel a chill in the air now, jumpers reappearing, Autumn on it's way! Over the last year I've been in the studio recording a new album, it's still early days, the ideas and songs taking shape. So I thought in the interim I'd release a new youtube video of a song each month over the next few months. The songs are from a gig I did in London at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane earlier this year. Thanks for anyone who's checked out 'Inequality Blues'. Follow the link here if you haven't

Inequality Blues

The next youtube video will be released on 1st October, ooh exciting!!

Cheers Jude

August 2017

Hello!, Glad you could drop by. I hope you are all having a great summer!. I've just moved house so in the process of getting the new place sorted, books, CDs and instruments galore!.

The move up north has been great, although I miss lots of things about London, especially my pals. Musically I've been finding my feet up here. I've started playing some guitar with the Big Rock Room. Richard Larkum and Paul Shone set it up. If you are into the heavier music this is a good place to explore, they have loads of videos on YouTube. Since I've been up here I've played guitar on covers of Metallica's 'Dream No More, Slayer's 'Bloodline', Sepultura's 'Arise' and a live version of Rage against the Machine's 'Killing in the name'. This was from a gig we played last September. We had Chris Leckie doing the sound (sound guy with Black Sabbath) so the quality is very good. In the set we played some original songs by Paul Shone and Matt Thelwell. They've formed a band called 'Electric Caesar'. You can check out our video for the song 'Clock'.

Obviously this is quite different from the Jude style that you are used to but I think it's good to explore different styles and learn new ways of playing. It's also really good fun.

I've also been writing new songs too. I'm continuing my exploration of folk songs. I was given a lovely book of Scottish ballads by my wife's mother. I've reworked a song called 'The Shepherd's Son ', it is also known as 'Blow away the morning dew'. I've also got my eye on doing a version of 'The Baliff's Daughter of Islington'. I've recorded two new songs so far, 'The Rose of London Town' and 'The Tiger Tree' for the new album. I've got another two lined up, just honing the picking. They feature just me with an acoustic guitar, friends may add other instruments at a later date if it suits the song.
It's nice to see ideas bubbling away coming into the world.

My dad has just resurrected the folk club in our village which is going really well. It's in Tilston, Cheshire on the first tuesday of the month. It's really nice to play songs old and new!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great August,
Cheers Jude

December 2016

Happy Festivities!
Welcome to my website. There are lots of lovely albums for you to listen too and buy if you like. Just visit the music page and it's all there from Elephant Feet to Seagulls and Crows, an eclectic mix of styles ranging through folk, funk, rock, reggae and the occasional rap!
Recently I've been brushing up on some Christmas songs, I've been playing a few small shows around my local town. Tonight I have my Youth music group's Christmas showcase which I'm very much looking forward to,
'Here we come a Wassailing!' will get the evening started. Kate Rusby's album Sweet Bells has been a great inspiration, which I recommend.
I'll check in again soon to tell you what else I've been doing. I hope you all have a great Christmas and hope to see you at a gig in 2017.

Jude x

August 2016

Happy Summer!

Thanks for tuning in. A really lovely weekend! On Saturday me and my brother Tom played at our friends 40th at Berrington Hall in Shrewsbury. It was nice to play a lot of songs from the album we did together 'Morning Sun' a few years ago. On sunday me and family went to the 'Just So' festival in Congleton, they had some great things going, music, theatre, candyfloss and amazing animal costumes! Next year we'll have to make more of an effort in this department. My girls insisted on foxes, after applying some face paints they were all set. My daughter Evelyn was totally enthused shouting a chorus of "Foxes, foxes we are the best!". Apart from the occasional down pour of rain, it's a brill festival, thoughtfully laid out. Our favourite part was discovering a hidden theatre in the heart of the wood. My son Laurie's fav part was pulling the fir cone nose off handmade clay tree spirits crafted on to the trees.

A big thank you to all those who came to my album launch in May this year at the Betsey Trotwood in London. It was great to get together with my brother Tom, pals Pablo and Neil and playing most the songs from 'Seagulls and Crows'. Hope all those who bought a copy then or since are enjoying the music. Probably a little different from previous albums, but you've just got to go with the flow when the new song comes. You can see some of the tracks on youtube from that gig, so check them out!

It was nice to play at the apple orchard festival in Kelsall too. Thank you to all those who managed to get over to it. Put it in your diary for next year. It's an arts and crafts festival with loads of great things to with the children.

Another festival I'd totally recommend is Underneath the Stars, at canon hall farm near Barnsley. It's Kate Rusby's organised festival, everyone is super friendly and helpful. There's a special designated area of kids activities, which my children loved. The grounds of canon hall farm are great to explore too. New musical discoveries for me are Rory Mcleod, a great songwriter and an engaging performer, Mouth to Mouth is a great double album, a compilation of some of some brill songs. Also Vieux Farka Toure, who played an amazing set of songs, real goose pimple moments. They played as a three piece, electric African rhythms that are totally uplifting. I met him afterwards and he signed a copy of his latest album Mon Pays, great!

Enjoy the rest of your summer,

Cheers Jude

March 2016

Hello all,
My new album 'Seagulls and Crows' is here. It will be released physically and digitally on the 2nd of May. The song Seagulls and Crows with be released digitally on iTunes on the 15th April. Just like Bob Dylan back in 1965, I too have gone electric!. There's a splash of politics too. Here are some thoughts on the album.

The song Seagulls and Crows is about inequality in society and the self. It was inspired by my visit to a township called Imizamo Yethu, just outside Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. Our guided tour by one of the residents was a real eye opener. Imizamo Yethu is built on a rubbish dump, the 30,000+ people living there use bits of flotsam and jetsam to build their homes. The polarization of two groups in society is very obvious in South Africa. The rich centre of Cape Town and the great sprawling townships on its periphery. Out of sight but not really out of mind. The relationship of the townships to the city struck me as something you can see in the corner of your eye but choose not to look at. I was surprised by how many gated residential communities there were in Cape Town, with alarm systems galore.
This album is about fences and divisions. Significant events like the riots in Peckham in 2011; the clearing of protesters from parliament square; the student fees demonstrations; the anti-war march in 2002; the Star March in 1982; and my travels in Peru, Bolivia and South Africa have inspired these songs.

I'm having a launch at The Betsey Trotwood on Friday the 20th May. I'll be playing with Tom Edwin-Scott, Neil Mookherjee, Pablo Paganotto and Mark Cartmell. There will be two great bands playing beforehand, one of which is The Explorer's Collective. It would be lovely to see you there.

Cheers Jude x

March 2015

Hello there, Happy Spring to all.

I'll be having a launch for my new album 'Fifty Silver Bells and Nine' on Friday 1st May at The Betsey Trotwood , 56 Farringdon Road, Farringdon, London.

Also on the bill will be Rob Thom, Eiko Itoh and Tom Poslett, all fine song writers. It will be free entry and if you come along you will be able to pick up a copy of my new album free too.

This is the first time I've delved into the world of traditional songs. I've felt quite inspired by the idea of reshaping and bringing to life songs written hundreds of years ago. Amazing tales of ships hit by storms, Whaling expeditions, True Thomas meeting the fairy Queen! More recent sources of inspiration sit along side these songs too.

You can buy a copy of my new album from my website www.judeedwinscott.com via paypal

Hope to see you at a gig some time soon

Jude x

February 2015

The new album is finished and nearly ready to share with you.
It's called 'Fifty Silver Bells and Nine'. The album comprises of sixteen songs, part traditional, part new material. I've chosen some traditional songs which I like from an array of sources and written new music
The penguin book of English folk songs edited by Steve Roud and Julia Bishop, has been a great inspiration for it's seafaring tales, namely The Greenland Whale Fishery and Nancy of Yarmouth. I used the Oxford book of ballads edited by Arthur Quiller-Couch for my versions of May Colvin and Thomas the Rhymer. I found a copy of Karl Dallas's compiled One Hundred Songs Of Toil in a great little bookshop in Machynlleth, Powys. The songs I chose to do are The Factory Girl, William Brown and The Gresford Mining Disaster. There have been many versions of the factory girl, Ralph McTell and The Rolling Stones perhaps more well known. My version has words as sung by Mrs Sarah Makem of Keady, Co. Armagh, mother of Tommy Makem of the Clancey Brothers. I've given William Brown a new tune, and according to Karl Dallas ' Marxian theory of surplus value (has never) been better or more succinctly put'. I grew up in Cheshire, between Wrexham and Chester and was familiar with the mining disaster which occurred in Gresford, so wanted to do my own version of the song.
The new Jude songs have been inspired by lots of things, trips to festivals, my late Grandfather's prisoner of war experience, weddings, books, friends and family.
Hope you enjoy!

I'm planning to have an album launch in London soon, so keep an eye out on my gigs page. It would be lovely to see you,

Roll on spring,

July 2014

Hello, What a lovely summer. We've just come back from a wedding near Falmouth, Cornwall. A six hour trip by train from London, but totally worth it.
Since my last news entry I've been busy writing and recording some new songs. I've felt quite inspired by traditional songs recently, writing new arrangements, using the original words and adding some new lines occasionally. I've recorded three new ones so far, Nancy of Yarmouth, which dates from late 18th Century. This song is about a young man writing to his true love telling her about a terrible storm they encountered and his doubts about returning to England again. I've recorded a new version of The Greenland Whale Fishery. I've used the words from the Penguin book of English Folk Songs. The events of the story take place on March 23rd 1824, a whaling mission to Greenland that goes wrong with loss of life. In the Oxford edition it sights the events of this song as 1796. The story is essentially the same. Thomas The Rhymer is the third one I've recorded about a man who meets the Fairy Queen. She falls in love and wants to take him back to fair Elfland at a price. I've reduced the 20 verses to 19 so I've been quite loyal to the Oxford edition. The songs I'm currently working on are William Brown , described as succinctly Marxist in its message, written as part of the woodcraft movement before the second world war. May Colvin, sometimes known as Lady Isabel and the false knight, concerns a false gentleman who has dark intentions on a young lady. However, this time she turns the tables on him, throwing him into the sea. I'm also working on a version of The Gresford Mining Disaster. This disaster occured near Wrexham, quite near to where I grew up. I was tentative about doing a version of this song, allegedly written by one of the surviving miners, because it's such emotive subject matter.
There seem to be two potential albums emerging at the moment, a traditional one and a political one. These things have their own evolution, so I'm going with the flow musically.
See you soon,
happy summer!

November 2013
Hi there,

Well its looking like my annual news report, I have been doing things honestly!
At the moment I'm writing and recording new material for a new album.I've recorded 10 new songs over the last year. It's an eclectic mix of styles, fluctuating between punk and folk.What ever next you might be thinking. It might actually be two albums emerging an electric 'eclectic' one and a acoustic folky one. We'll see how it evolves. I'm pleased with how it's coming along, so far the seasoned musicians are playing , Pablo Paganotto on drums and backing vocals, Neiloy Mookherjee on bass, Tom Edwin-Scott electric guitar, Mark Cartmell on the keyboards and me on Electric/acoustic guitars, banjo, charango and vocals. You can hear an acoustic version of a new track called 'Open Field' here

open field

I've also been doing some music with the Explorer's Collective, they've just released their second album, Hell of a Bizarre. My contribution is on two songs 'Buried Treasure' and 'It's alright'. Buried treasure was inspired by the riots a couple of years ago, Andrew Mellon from Bellowhead is accompanying me on trumpet. Mark Cartmell from the explorer's asked me to rap on It's alright, pleased with how it turned out. They've made a film to promote their new album, which I also feature on. If you have a spare 15 mins have a look and listen, just click on the link

Hell of a bizarre

We recently played a launch gig in London for 'Hell of a Bizarre'. I did my own set with Pablo, Neil, Mark and my bro Tom. We really enjoyed playing, big thank you to all those people who came along.
Can't believe it's November, hope you are all wrapping up warm and enjoying the crisp autumn days. I'll let you know when I've got gigs coming up, take care,

July 2012

Goodness, Where does the time go?I realise I haven't checked in on the news front for a little while. I've been busy having babies and entering into the world of fatherhood, wonderful. On the musical news my album 'Rolling Drum' is here in the world too! The having children part coincided with it's release so I haven't been able to gig as much to bring it to the people. I'm still playing though so have a look at my gig page to see what's coming up. My next gig is at The Stage Door by Waterloo this saturday 14th July. Hosted by Rob Thom. The following weekend I'm heading up to Shropshire to the Sheep Music festival. I'm not scheduled to play but if there's an acoustic open mic happening and I can borrow someone's guitar I'll be there. You can buy my album at my gigs and also via my website. Just go to my music link where you can listen to songs.
I wrote a song recently called 'Buried Treasure' about the riots, I was living in Peckham at the time. It was interesting because I felt conflicting emotions about it, on the one hand you could empathise with the disillusionment felt by youths that have felt quite disenfranchised by the present government. Most the riots seemed to happen in the poorer areas of town. But because the protests became riots the message becomes obscured. One suddenly becomes less sympathetic towards the protestors. That evening we had to walk the long way home, but maybe the long way is the best way if there is something you want, or want to change. The song appears in a film made by The Explorers collective, if you type in Explorer's collective on You Tube, The song appears in Part 3 of the film.
Well here we are in the midst of Summer hope very much to see you soon at a gig in your part of town, have a good one,
Jude x

Early December 2010

Hello there,
Hope you are all keeping warm. I enjoyed the snow while it lasted, alas in Peckham it melted yesterday. Walking through the streets one catches a glimpse of a lonr snowman holding on against the rising temperature. Watching the slow unveiling of the fallen autumnal leaves was nice too. Yes, you've guessed it had a bit of a lazy day yesterday.
We have a Christmas show coming up on Saturday 18th December at the New Cross Inn. The Jude and Tom Edwin-Scott band will be playing, also on the bill are The Explorer's Collective and Hazah! If you fancy a boogie in a convivial london pub, come along and we share a pint of Guinness. Be great to see you.
If you're feeling less adventurous, on a monday night tune in to www.thevac.co.uk and go to 'live ' tab between 8pm and 10pm. I'll be playing as part of a live link up at the Virtually Acoustic club open mic, along with other fellow musicians. Please tune in and let us know you're watching.
I did some recording in early October this year. The sessions went well. It is a mixture of styles ranging from folk, reggae and even rap. Whether they make it on to the new album we'll have to see. Playing on the new songs are Pablo(Drums and Backing Vocals), Neil(Bass), Tom(Guitar) and Ellen(Backing vocals). I'm hoping to release the new album early next year. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year Cheers Jude x

October/November 2010

Notes from our trip to South Africa

We went on a whale watching trip in Hermanus, along the garden route. We saw some Southern Right Whales. A mother and it's calf. It's great to see them up close. When they emerge from the water you can see all the barnicles attached to them. They come to Hermanus every year to breed, when we went at the end of October all the males had been and gone. Hermanus was once famous for whale hunting, but now it's famous for whale conservation, being now the main source of income. Quite a turn around.
We went further up the coast to a place called The Crags. We stayed in a place in the middle of the Tsitsikama National Park. You looked out upon a sea of trees and mountains in the distance. Here we went to an Elephant Sanctuary. They had elephants which had been rescued from Botswana. The plan is to release them into the game reserves once they are ready. We walked with them, holding our palms open behind our backs, the elephant placed there trunk into your hand and gently nudged you forward. It was a great experience.
South Africa is an interesting place because it is a place of extremes. You have such incredible scenery but you also have incredible poverty too. The rich and poor are separated as are black and white. If one was to stay in Cape Town and not venture outside you would consider it a prosperous city with poverty levels you'd see in any other town. But when you go outside the city and see the vast Townships it's another story.
After walking around the Kirstenboch botanical gardens we decided to go and visit a township. Nothing in a way had prepared me for the experience. We were met by a guy who lived there. As we walked up the street the houses were made out of corrugated tin, like metal work patchwork quilts. Lots of them were built on stilts. He said 30,000 people lived here.The building were interspersed with brick ones, built by different aid agencies. We went into a room where the lady was selling various crafts. The lady had made jewelry out of cereal packets. Further up the road they had huge skip type structures for recycling rubbish. He said they moved here and it was a dumping ground. It sounds like they were given the land and said to get on with it. A lot of things were in need of repair like the toilets. Near by a woman met us , she thought she was a reincarnation of Michael Jackson. She said she couldn't dance anymore since he died. We went to a bar whilst there. I was a bit nervous going in. I think it's because one feels so conspicuous. People were playing pool and drinking beer. The scene outside was of normal street life really. Children playing, adults going about there business. People looked clean and were wearing clean clothes. So there must have been good enough washing facilities. All this was against the back drop of shack type houses and rough looking roads. They had general stores set up selling vegetables. They had a school. There were different areas too as you walked through. An irish charity company had come in and built lots of houses, but attached to these were makeshift ones. Its good for those people who manage to get a house but because there are so many people maybe it's more practical to build flats instead. He said there is a piece of land where they are planning to do this. We went to a church too. You walked up steps that had mosaics on them. There was one of Nelson Mandela. Inside the church it looked quite sparse. You can't help feeling thank goodness for a space like this for people to come to. Inside there were one or two people selling things. I bought a small painting of two Bao Bab trees off this young lad. We wound our way back to the bus stop. We paid our guide. He was hoping to take the children on a trip to Robben Island to see where Nelson Mandela was prisoner. He described him as a hero. We all felt quite stunned by our experience. As we went off on the bus we stopped a moment in Hout's bay. The sand was being whipped up by the wind going into our eyes and faces. The sea and mountains looked beautiful.
Table mountain and the other peaks known as the twelve apostles make an interesting backdrop to the city. It is very dramatic just like it's history. There is a Cape Town you see when you walk around the city and there is a Cape Town you don't see, hidden from the tourist's eye. Almost like two worlds. You can't help also feeling there must be a sense of guilt. A guilt for what one has, Knowing the exsistence of people living in these conditions. I think in a way I understand why some people don't choose to see, because it is hard going. But having an awareness of the bigger picture encourages us to change things. One feels the need to help. You wonder why the government since apartheid ended haven't done a great deal. When we left Cape Town it was an amazing sight. Many more townships like the one we had seen, but more vast, stretching for miles, filling any possible space. There is an obvious polarization between rich and poor, black and white. You can see the wealth isn't being fairly distributed.


Saturday 28th August 2010

Hi, Just wanted to say big thankyou to all those who came to the gig at the Persevearance last night. Thought the sets by Teppei Tannino and John Peacock were excellent. Really nice to hear people singing on Sweetest Thing.

Friday 9th April 2010

Spring is here!Nice sunny day today. Just got back from my sorjourn in Cheshire.I played a support slot for a band called 'Two Time Polka' at the Carden Arms in Tilston. My dad runs a regular Wednesday night folk club which I'd wholely recommend if you're ever in the area. Two Time Polka were fantastic, hailing from Cork in Ireland. There set included songs from Neil Young, Richard Thompson and Gram Parsons. Interspersed with some great traditional tunes from Ireland to as far a field as Mexico. Combine this with brilliant Mandolin, Guitar and Accordian work it was a musical treat.
I've got one or two gigs coming up in May and June with 'The Jude and Tom Edwin-Scott Band', keep an eye on the gigs page,
See You Soon

Monday 15th February 2010

Big thanks to everyone who came to our gig at The Comedy last Tuesday. Being a week night and all and a chilly one, was very pleased to see you. It was nice to see people getting into the dancing too. It probably had something to do with the fact me and my brother both had Wah Wah pedals, Was it too funky? is the question. We've got a gig at the end of the month on Saturday 27th February at the New Cross Inn, in New Cross. Also playing our The Explorers Collective and Brownstar. Should be a lovely evening and would be great to see you there, x

Sunday 6th December

Hi ,
Just wanted to say thanks to all those who made it to the gig last night. It was a late one but really enjoyed it. It was nice to play songs from Morning Sun and it was good to see people getting into the dancing. Glad 'Bully Beef' and 'Love Your Neighbour' went down well too.
I've recently been doing some new recordings. I've got five new songs. Really pleased with the way they are turning out. I recorded them at Perry Vale studios which I'd whole heartedly recommend. Pat Collier who runs it is a really good engineer and helps you to get the best out of your day recording wise. For the sessions Tim Bowen is playing Cello, Ben Jones is on Violin and me on Guitar and vocal. My brother Tom is playing guitar on a couple of tracks.My mum's playing harp on one song. Ellen Hughes is doing backing vocals on a couple too. The songs are Green light, Bluebell Hill, In My Arms, Glenashdale Falls and Sunrise. Sunrise was written last year for my sister's wedding, it's a Jude and Tom one, quite keen to record it. I've been playing some of the new songs at The Persevearance, near Marylebone, where they have an open mic every monday. Looking forward to playing some gigs with the new line up in the new year, I'll let you know as soon as we've got some dates.

Sunday 1st February 2009

Hope you are all ok. Me and my brother Tom did a radio interview on Radio Reverb in Brighton on 11th December last year you can hear it by going to


If you go into music features and click on'The Tom and Jude Edwin-Scott Band', you'll be able to hear it. We are hoping to do a gig in Brighton in Spring time, so hope to see you there,

Sunday November 2008

The album launch for 'Morning Sun' by The Jude and Tom Edwin-Scott Band will be on Sunday 14th December at the Southwark Playhouse in London. It will be �5 entry and starts at 7pm. The gig will be taking place in this unique venue, situated underneath the railway arches of london bridge station.If you are coming out of London Bridge train station turn right on to Tooley Street, keep walking down for about 5 mins. When you reach the Shipwright Arms pub, turn right just before it you'll see the sign. It will be a marvellous evening of entertainment put on by the Explorers Collective. There will be the London premiere showing of a short film; acoustic acts in the bar area; a short story written and read by Frazer Davidson; delicious cakes made by the Hrmlova sisters. After 9 o'clock music will begin in the main theatre space starting with 'The Explorer's Collective' ; followed by 'The Jude and Tom Edwin-Scott Band', then to conclude the evening 'Papa J'. The Southwark Playhouse's inhouse production is a play based on Philip Pullman's book 'The Scarecrow and his servant'(not showing that night). A magical musical evening surrounded by scarecrows what could be nicer. CDs will sold on the night. Be great to see you there and share in a Christmas drink, Jx

Monday 16th June '08

Hi all,
hope all goes well, thanks for all those that made it to the Montague Arms on the 23rd, it was great to play some of the new songs, hope you enjoyed it.
I've just come back from a holiday on the Arran Isles off the west coast of Scotland. It was amazing arriving, the sea was really calm and you could see the dark shapes emerging out the mist. It felt like entering a mystical place. As we got nearer, the island got clearer, the sun shone down illuminating patches of forest, bays and mountains. We spent a week there in a beautiful house overlooking whiting bay. To our left we had a good view of Holy mountain. Quite an intriguing place. You could make out a few white houses and a lighthouse. The shape was of a lion at rest, its head the mountain peak. It is mainly a Buddhist retreat, it seems a perfect place for it.
I brought a guitar with me and had some good jams with my Dad. We noticed one evening there was a music session going on in a pub in a place called Lamlash. So we went along. I introduced myself and asked if I could join them. They were very welcoming and kind. They had a whole array of instruments Ullian Pipes, Violin, guitars and a harp. They played some great tunes and asked me to play a few too. I played a Nic Jones song called 'Canadi-i-o' , 'The Cape' by Guy Clark and a couple of Jude numbers, 'Lean on the sun' and 'Shackleton's Chair'. The audience were very friendly too. I bought a CD they had produced too featuring the musicians that played that night. I'm yet to listen to it but I'm sure it will be very good.
After visiting the museum in Brodick they had lots of personal accounts of people living through the Clearences in the early part of the 19th Century. It talked about their journey from Arran on ships to Canada where they had to start a new life. I just thought it was interesting having sung 'Canadi-i-o' at the music session, since its about the same subject.
Without sounding too much like someone from the Arran tourist board the scenery is quite breath taking. We went for a walk up to a waterfall,on the way up we saw three hares grazing in a field, the track led us over a stream on to another path lined either side by great fronds of fern and bracken. We turned into a pine woodland to get a view of the waterfall. Under the skirts of the tall pines it felt like you were in a secret world. The ground was soft and brown and looking between the trunks there seemed to be a cobweb effect, giving an old time feel. The waterfall looked great, quite big with tonnes of water pouring. We continued our journey back up through the woodland heading for the top of the waterfall. On the way we came to the remenants of an Iron age fort. As you passed through the entrance there was a mound and a path around the outside. There were Bluebells and Red Campion growing on the mound. We saw one or two toads too. Coming over the top of the falls it was a steady decline through lush old trees. The stream at the bottom followed the path. To the right you caught glimpses of hidden glades bathed in the days sunlight, its nice that places like that exist. We eventually came out on to Whiting bay shoreline, greeted by Terns and Guillimots on the water's edge.
While I was there I saw lots of incredible wildlife from Hares, seals and a whale! My bird knowledge increased too , Arctic Terns, Buzzards and Black Guillimots, to name a few. No Golden Eagles though.
All in all a really cool trip. The place is amazingly peaceful and those moments are sometimes what's needed. It did me good, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Friday 2nd May 2008

Hello, Hope you are all ok. It has been a while so I thought I'd update you with the latest Jude news. The new album is nearly ready, it's a joint project with my brother Tom. We have recorded 15 tracks, half mine half Toms. It is called 'Morning Sun', we are putting it out under the name, 'The Jude and Tom Edwin-Scott Band'. The band consist of Pablo Paganotto on drums, Neiloy Mookherjee on Bass, Geoff Edwin-Scott on Mandocello and Citern and Tessa Edwin-Scott on Cello.It is mainly an acoustic album but some electric guitar does sneak in. We recorded it with Pat Collier at Perryvale studios in Forest hill, London. I'm really pleased with the way it's come out there is certainly a folk funk thing going on, hope you like it. We've got our first gig on the 23rd of May at the Montague Arms in New Cross. We are hoping to do a launch for it soon so keep an eye on the gigs page, for where and when. It will be great if you can make it,
Jude x

Hi , Thankyou for dropping by. Big thanks to all those that were able to make it to my album launch in february, I was really pleased with how it went .It was really nice to see you all, felt very flattered that people had made such big journeys.Hope you all enjoyed it anyway.
Since then have been doing a few bits and bobs musically. My Dad is recording an album at the moment with Mal Homes, drummer of OMD. So he has been getting us together to put down our parts. Its been cool for me because I'm playing banjo on two of the songs, its encouraged me to practice a bit more. My brother has also recently aquired a banjo, so it was quite a finger-picking weekend. I'm also playing a bit of acoustic and electric guitar on other tracks, so it gave me a chance to go rockabilly not hillbilly!He has lots of other cool musicians on it so I'm looking forward to listening to it.
I have also been writing some new songs, well two. They were both inspired by different things, there is certainly a nature element within each. I find spring an awakening time especially when you see blossoms and flowers suddenly appearing it feels like its been a long time, each season has its quality but the lightness of April/May is always a breath of fresh air.
One of my favourite albums at the moment is Vashti Bunyan's 'Lookaftering' which I'd recommend if you need some gentle nurturing. Her fragile voice and delicated guitar picking is subtly magical. Also I've been listening to Pearl Jams 'Binaural' album, I think just getting a flavour, awaiting their new album which I think comes out tommorrow.
Anyway, I've started arranging a few more gigs in London so take a look on my gigs page it'd be lovely to see you, JX

Hello,Hello, I felt inspired after I'd been to this years 'Big Green Gathering' in the Mendip Hills, so I decided to write a poem about it. The reason for calling it 'Everythings soft' is how I felt, you know when you arrive somewhere and you have your own stuff going on, its the feeling of letting these things go and resting in your enviroment, like easing into a warm bath, or taking your shoes off and with your feet bare feeling the earth, bringing you back to the stillness within you. Its always a funny thing going back into the world after festivals, so this is a little reminder to myself in the days between, hope you like, cheers Jx

Big Green Gathering-Everything Is Soft

Slow burning candle
Invites the traveller into the small world
Becoming children under our blanket den
Sipping brandy hot chocolate
We talk about our dreams with friends
We sing our songs like poems in the fairy glen

We loose ourselves on soft earth
Grass baked yellow
Warming our feet
Sleep walking

The rhythms of the drumming circle
Floats around the camp
Like a mantra
People dancing in their tribal way
Holding the baby who smiles at the play
Old and young
Melt into the festival drum

Bands are alive
Their words bright
Full of insight
Singing to the crowd
With an open heart
From the mystical morning bliss
To embracing all life�s grist
Uplifting and Caressing
Thank you for the music
That gives this blessing

The craft field
All things wooden
For all those who love the feel of wood
Who love to be near trees
Who love to be submerged in nature
Living under the branches of an eco-friendly house
Making fairies come alive
There�s an elephant sitting at my side
A gypsy caravan beautifully painted
The mystical figures that stand tall
Watching over all that we create

Emotional elementals Pinknruby
Sing in a language only known to them
Yet understood by all
You could feel where it was coming from
The place resonated within you
I felt a gentle love in my heart region
Almost like a sadness, a nice sadness
A sadness of love for oneself
For the dear soul that you are
A loving place

Our secret gifts
Are given a chance to shine
Here they find a place in the world
Poetry circles, sacred singing and chi-gong

As I stand and watch the giant oak trees
Shivering in the healing wind
I find my pause in the earth
Just in front of the arch in my foot
I keep my gaze ahead
Soften my chest
Breathing in the air

Figures move in silence
As if on a distant shore
Feeling their way through the wind
Treading the earth like soft cats
Guided by unseen hands
All dancing on the sand

Remember all these things
In the world beyond the sea
Let all this magicalness stay with me
Let its dancing be in my walking
Let its loving be in my temper
Let its growing be in my falling
Let its play be in my work
Let its heart be in my head
Let its music be in my silence
Let its seed be in the ground
Let its star be in the earth
Let its kiss be in my sadness
Let its hug be in my loneliness
Let its food be in my hunger
Let its water be in my thirst
Let there always be a rainbow when sunshine and rain mix
To keep me smiling I�ll remember all this

Pack my bags with care
As a soft rain falls
My bags feel lighter than when I came
I say goodbye and thankyou to my spot
I take in the view for the last time
I let my experience wash over me like a gentle wind
I catch the stars in my mouth
Those I swallow down will serve me well
The day is lazy and slow
We have always had all the time in the world
We amble and bimble
Bumble and bamble
We have all been blessed by the same Big Green festival hand
We love each other for it
Serendipity walks without a program
Trusting that like attracts like
Where new and good friends are made
The journey home is drifting
We talk from our bubble.

Jude Edwin-Scott 8th August 2006