Fae Wiedenhoeft - 24/03/2015 15:17
seriously brilliant songs. beautiful!
Jude Edwin james - 03/04/2008 15:00
hey yo ihave listen youre music and hey i like it , and i have never thougt that someone on thise earth got the same name like me. so bye jude ,from jude Edwin from Germany Krefeld
Edward goodinson - 30/03/2008 20:49
love the tunes jude and just bought the album. keep it up-always knew you were destined for big things! the best guitarist i'd ever heard. in respones to neiloy(above post)- i got lessons back in the day(heber), but couldn't keep up lol- face it..some things can't be taught :) keep it up mate- all power to you and i'll spread the word up in here in manchester! ed
steve - 24/06/2006 15:29
hi jude, album is great see you for a haircut next time your in chester. steve
George B - 22/06/2006 21:09
Hi Jude, how's it going? I'll have to join in and say "love the site, man" it is really good, where did u get it from?
Neiloy Mookherjee - 09/06/2006 15:07
Hi Jude, love the website! Everyone should visit this site or listen to your music 'cos its brilliant! In fact it should be the law! Just wondering whether you still do guitar lessons...I'm caught between wanting to sound like Jeff Buckley or Diamond "Dimebag" Darrell, what do you suggest? Oh, and by the way, if I am able to get guitar lessons off you they are going to be free, right? 'Cos music is a gift man, to be shared with other human beings, you can't put an hourly rate on such things, it's wrong! Wrong!! Anyway, laters Jude, good luck with the music and gigging, you deserve to become a big star with your own tropical island (that's how good I think the songs are!). Neiloy P.S: Free guitar lessons for me, PLEEEEAASSEEE!!!
Eva Benlloch - 24/05/2006 11:10
Hi jude! Youve got here a great web site. You do very good music and you should know that one of the cds weve got in the car is "Elephant Feet"
Penelope Kennedy - 23/02/2006 16:53
Hi Jude! I used to be Penny! So moved by your music and really glad to hear you all playing together. We love the album and my son Hal can sing "St. Eva", which is our favorite. Totally sure the rest of the planet will love your music. All our love to you, Tom and Tessa, Pen xxxxx
Conor - 17/02/2006 16:32
Hey see you tonight!! And where's the merchandise section? I want an Elephant Feet t-shirt with tour dates.
nick - 05/02/2006 12:37
Hi jude, nice web site. wanted to be the first message. laters.